Brazil Aparecida

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Notes Hazelnut, plum, cherry, milk chocolate.
Beans Catuai
Process Natural
Growing altitude 1200 masl
Producer Flávio Ruiz Pequini
Origin Cerrado Mineiro, Minais Gerais


About the coffee

An Unusual Journey

This coffee is grown by Flávio Ruiz Pequini at Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida. Born in Mogi Mirim and from São Paulo, began working in the Cerrado Mineiro region in 1977. He originally arrived in Paracatu to work on reforestation projects. He also purchased lands in Coromandel. In 1986 he began working on coffee cultivation and, finding the work so rewarding and the outcomes so positive, he increased the amount of land under coffee cultivation to include Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

Social and Environmental Concern

Pequini’s production focuses on improving environmental and social conditions in the surrounding area. In 2012, he hosted a community-oriented day where participants planted native seedlings and were given instruction on oral hygiene, a frequently overlooked and under-served problem for rural peoples. The farm also holds certification from Certifica Minas, Rainforest Alliance and is part of the Nespresso and Starbucks certification systems.


Érika Ruiz, Flávio’s daughter,  currently oversees the farm. She works tirelessly to adhere to her father’s mission of producing high quality specialty coffee.

After harvesting, this coffee is processed as a natural coffee. The cherries are dried whole and then processed to removed the mucilage. Then, the coffee is sorted and prepared for export.

The regulating body, Região do Cerrado Mineiros, ensures that certified farms are following Brazilian work and safety laws.

Designation Coffee

The Cerrado Mineiro is located in northwest Minais Gerais. It is the first region in Brazil to receive a “Designation of Origin.” The area is known for well-defined seasons. Summer is hot and wet and winter is dry and cool. The altitude of the region varies between 800 and 1,300 meters above sea level.

The Cerrado Mineiro Region Designation of Origin Regulatory Board marks these coffees “Origin and Quality Guaranteed.”