Colombia El Jardín

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Notes Stone fruits, ripe figs and marzipan
Beans Castillo 
Process Natural, aerobic fermentation for 34 hours
Growing altitude 1400-1800 m.
Producer Juan Felipe Restrepo, Hacienda El Jardin
Origin Villamaria, Caldas
About the coffee


Hacienda El Jardin has been owned by the Naranjo family for 3 generations. It is a majestic estate of 170 hectares on the outskirts of Manizales, Caldas. It is a farm that has traditionally been focused on traditional coffee cultivation, but over the last few years it has adapted and created an ideal ecosystem to create areas suitable for birdwatching. The OPCE team in Colombia saw in this farm a great potential for the production of specialty coffees thanks to the optimal conditions of the environment and the proximity to their facilities in order to maintain a detailed control to guarantee the coffee quality.

Harvesting and fermentation:

A process of selection of the lot is carried out giving priority to the location of the coffee tree within the farm, looking for that it fulfils the requirements of temperature and humidity for the development of sugars. After the harvesting, a process of flotation is carried out to eliminate the less dense cherries and then the 34 hours aerobic fermentation in coffee cherries begins. Then the coffee is finally put to dry.