Colombia La Estrella

Colombia La Estrella

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Blackberries, plums, white chocolate. Velvety and creamy body.

Beans Red Bourbon
Process Washed, Extended fermentation
Growing altitude 1750m
Producer Finca La Rivera
Origin La Estrella, Risralda
About the coffee

Finca la Rivera is located in the village of La Estrella in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal in the department of Risaralda. Its lands are part of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape. "World Heritage Site" UNESCO 2011.

The family that owns Finca La Rivera is descended from grandparents who were dedicated to coffee growing as well as other crops that are typical of the region and that coexist among coffee plantations such as corn, beans, bananas and citrus among others.

They have been treasuring traditions and implementing new techniques in cultivation and fermentation over the years. Each member that works on the farm has the talent that leads them to select the best fruits, the respect for their work and the commitment to bring to the cup, a drink that expresses all the complexity and beauty of Colombian Coffee Culture.

These lands are cultivated at an average height of 1,750 meters above sea level, have rainfall of 1,900 mm and are refreshed by the cold winds coming from the snowy peaks of the Ruíz and Tolima.

In La Finca la Rivera we have moved from intensive agriculture to one of lower productivity but with outstanding attributes and qualities. It was divided into lots with traditional and exotic coffees, these coffees according to their profiles are chosen to be processed with different techniques of benefit perfected by themselves, which leads them today to be recognized for their unique and surprising coffees.

Crop: 2020

SCA rating: 86+