Ethiopia Syrah

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SCA rating: 88.00
Notes Black plum, Rose, Red wine
Beans Heirloom
Process Natural
Growing altitude 1900-2100m 
Producer Solomon Berhan/ Washing station Gola
Origin Yirgacheffe, Dilla Zuria, Ethiopia


The process alternates between open and closed phases. When the coffee is opened and spread out in a regular and fine matter it produces a normal superficial drying process.

In addition the coffee is covered periodically with a tight plastic, causing any celebration of the fermentation and the drain process during the day. The humidity and the aromatic substances which are leftover stay trapped in the coffee. During the night, when the temperature descends, the ambient humidity rises noticeably and the plastic cover causes a gradual descend of temperature, stopping the coffee beans of gaining humidity from the environment.

This technique increases contribute considerably the fermentation and allows to maintain a high density within the beans, giving as a result fruit and wine notes.




Yirgacheffe coffee boasts an unbeatable reputation. Buyers, roasters, and consumers relish Yirgacheffe coffee because they know its taste is one of the most distinguished. The Yirgacheffe region is a tiny area within the Gedeo Zone. In official terms, Yirgacheffe is a woreda (small area, or province), and that area is popular because its coffee is traceable today.

The government encouraged coffee cultivation from the 1920s, and in most cases, farmers grow their coffee side by side with other crops in home gardens. Plots of land here are small, with the majority of farmers cultivating areas between 0.25 hectares to 2 hectares in size. Ethiopia has lost a lot of its forest cover in the last century, but traditional agroforestry systems have helped preserve the country’s plant diversity.


Crop year: 2021/22