Filter Coffee Combo

Filter Coffee Combo

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We made it easy and time saving for you. Here is a collection of magnificent filter coffees we're offering this season.  The combo contains 4 bags of our current favourite coffee beans roasted for filter. Make sure to try our brew guides here.


Ethiopia, Biftu Gudina, washed, jasmine, nectarine, lemon zest, complex & aromatic

Kenya, Muruguru AB, washed, jasmine, caramel, lime with bright citric acidity

Panamá Volcán Barú, washed, almond, chocolate and peach

Honduras Gloria, honey (organic) pear, milk chocolate, yellow melon 


  • 4 x 250g of whole beans of coffee we recommend for filter
  • Light to medium roast profile
  • Every month the coffees in the combo will change
  • Save up to 10% with this deal
  • This offer additionally has free shipping in Spain and Portugal