Honduras Dulce Coaquil

Honduras Dulce Coaquil

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SCA rating: 84 +
Notes Dehydrated fruits, Black tea, Butter
Beans INCAFE 90, Lempira
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1200- 1600 m.
Producer Agropecuaria Quiraguira 
Origin Ocotepeque, Honduras


This coffee is produced by a family-owned exporter in the coffee-growing region of Ocotepeque in Honduras. Coaquil is an organization of more than 150 coffee farmers with high-quality organic coffee, founded in 1991 and located in the Cordillera de Montecillos Region. 

They are Biolatina (organic) and FLO-Cert (fair-trade) certified, and provides all members(farmers) with a full array of services including wet milling, drying, transport, quality training and inputs. Farmers have access to roasting, packing and marketing services, and a laboratory with highly trained experts in cupping and coffee analysis.

Coaquil directly supports local schools and health centers in the communities where its members live, providing financial and material support ranging from school supplies to hygiene kits to building materials, and sponsors health brigades to reach even the most remote areas. As the only cooperative in a remote area, they also provides infrastructure support including roads, electric supply and drinking water.


The coffee-growing region of Ocotepeque is located in western Honduras, with an estimated population of 101,761 and a surface area of 1,680 km². It has 16 coffee-growing districts, which are home to more than 7,099 families that cultivate more than 23,820 hectares of Arabica coffee of the Bourbón, Catuaí, Pacas, Lempira and Ihcafe 90 varietals. Ocotepeque is the largest coffee-growing district in the country. 5th place as the country’s coffee growing region.


Crop year: 2022