Nicaragua Fruit Fondue

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SCA Score: 87.75
Notes Pineapple, Red cherry, Dark chocolate
Beans Red Catuai
Process Anaerobic Natural
Growing altitude 1350 - 1500m
Producer Martha & Ana Albir / farm Bethania 
Origin Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

The Bethania farm is owned by Sisters Martha and Ana Albir and is located in the Dipilto mountain range in the coffee-growing district of Nueva Segovia. Having inherited the Bethania farm from their parents, Martha and Ana Albir are working to modernize the farm and adapt it to their daily needs while respecting the environment and the nature that surrounds their coffee trees. The stage that sisters consider most important is the cutting and drying process of coffees.

The coffees grow under native shade provided by the trees on the farm, at an altitude of between 1350 and 1500 meters above the sea level.
A total area of 50 hectares, 40 hectares are dedicated to coffee cultivation and 10 hectares are entirely conserved as forest.




Natural anaerobic fermentation is an innovative coffee processing method where coffee cherries are kept in a closed container with no oxygen so that the fermentation process is accelerated. It is meant to intensify the natural flavors to become something richer than standard coffee or any other coffee that you usually consume. Timing is of the essence to avoid extra fermentation which could develop fermented tastes. 




Dipilto is a very picturesque town with a cool climate, its emblem "With the smell of pine, the taste of coffee and people of faith". The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is the cultivation of coffee and banana plantations.


Crop year: 2021/22