Panamá Volcán Barú

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Notes A rich and creamy texture surrounding notes of almond, chocolate and peach
Beans Red Catuai, Red Caturra
Process Fully washed
Growing altitude 1350 - 1500 m, volcanic soil
Producer Pedro Rodriguez Escribano, Black Mountain farm
Origin Volcan Baru, Chiriqui, Panama


About the coffee

The strength of this coffee lies in its balanced aromas and body. A rich and creamy texture surrounding notes of almond, chocolate and peach, with floral and caramel notes at the end of the cup.

This coffee is produced at the Baru Black Mountain farm, situated at an altitude of between 1,350 and 1,500 metres in Chiriqui Province. It benefits from ideal production conditions, in terms of both its environment and climate. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil under natural shade, the cherries are harvested selectively by hand and dried by dehydration using a system of African beds placed inside an oven. An innovative preparation technique that gives this well-balanced and aromatically complex coffee its characteristic sweetness.

Baru Black Mountain is located in northern Panama, in the Chiriqui Province and near the La Amistad International Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing 3,800 metres above sea level, Volcan Baru overlooks the national park and marks the country’s highest point. The farm is named after the region’s very dark volcanic soil. It is situated to the west of the volcano at an altitude of between 1,350 and 1,500 metres, midway between the cities of Volcan and Rio Sereno. It is an ideal environment for growing coffee. In addition to its mineral-rich soil, streams and century-old trees, which provide natural shade, it benefits from perfect weather conditions, all of which optimise production.

The Baru Black Mountain farm is not only committed to environmentally-friendly farming practices, by using stream water to wash its harvested cherries for example, but also respects its workers, who receive medical and educational support for their families.
Agricultural engineer Marjorie Canjura, who helps producers to improve the quality of their coffees, visited the Baru Black Mountain plantation in 2017. The aim being to help them experiment with natural and honey processes, never 
before used at the farm.

About the producer

Pedro Rodriguez Escribano used to be an entrepreneur in the printing industry. After selling his company in Spain, he moved to Panama where he bought a cattle and coffee farm. He initially intended to make a living from beef production, but that was before his daughter met her future husband, a German coffee enthusiast who encouraged him to develop his coffee business.

For the past 10 years, Pedro has worked flat out at his coffee farm, continuously learning and improving his production techniques. He has also diversified his varieties, as a result of which he can now produce coffees of a particularly high quality.

Crop: 2020

SCA points: 86+