Perú Organic Decaf

Perú Organic Decaf

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Flavours of tobacco, green tea, chocolate and cookie.

Beans Red caturra, Red bourbon & Typica
Process Fully washed, Swiss Water descaffeinated
Growing altitude 1200-1800 m.
Producer Different Producers
Origin Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru
About the coffee

Peru is the 8th largest coffee-producing country in the world and exports nearly 90% of its production. Its coffees are mainly the work of small producers employing certified organic farming practices. And this coffee is no exception. It comes from Jaen, a city located in the Cajamarca region, in the North-West of Peru. This coffee is a varietal blend of red caturra, red bourbon and typica, grown between 1200 and 1800 masl. 

Jaén is a city located in the Cajamarca region in northwestern Peru. It is a fairly poor region because it is isolated from the major Peruvian agglomerations. Very mountainous area, the main economic resource is agriculture with rice, cocoa, corn, mango, avocado and of course coffee production. There are also many guinea pig farms. Many terroirs overlook the city, such as the Huabal and La Palma central terroirs.

This coffee is decaffeinated by the canadian company Swiss Water. Water decaffeination uses the principle of osmosis, according to which two solutions separated by a permeable membrane will balance their caffeine concentrations, from the least concentrated medium to the most concentrated.

Crop: 2020

Score: 83+