Ecuador Pichincha

Ecuador Pichincha

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Notes Orange jam, red berries, chocolate
Beans Pacamara
Process Washed, microlot
Growing altitude 1600-1700 m.
Producer Mateo Patiño, Gilda Carrascal, Andy Davalos
Origin 1600 estate, Quito, Pichincha

About the coffee

The 7 hectares of coffee on this farm grow, as its name suggests, at a height of 1600 to 1700 meters, in a cloudy forest, in the shade of endemic trees, cedars and banana trees.
85% of the harvest is done by hand between June and November. The pulping, washing and drying of coffees are done on site. In 2014, the plantation participated in the national competition of "Taza Dorada", an event which aims to find the best national cups, with the participation of international judges. The farm got 10th place.


The story of the producer

Mateo Patiño, Gilda Carrascal and Andy Davalos are a generation of young productions. All three partners, they manage the 1600 farm and follow the wise advice of their neighbor Arnaud Causse.

1600 Estate

1600 Estate takes its name from its altitude between 1600 and 1700 m.
The farm is located northwest of Quito, an hour from the earth's equator, in the heart of the Tulip region. In the province of Pichincha, 1600 Estate is owned by 3 partners: Mateo Patiño, Gilda Carrascal and Andy Davalos. The plantation benefits from the wise advice of Arnaud Causse, producer of Las Tolas and produces the same varieties: bourbon, pacamara, caturra, java.


Crop: 2020/21

SCA rating: 87+