Ethiopia Organic Limmu

Ethiopia Organic Limmu

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SCA rating: 83 +
Notes Peach, Cocoa, Muscovado sugar
Beans Heirloom
Process Natural
Growing altitude 1500-2200m 
Producer Limmu Kossa Organic Coffee farm
Origin Jimma, Ethiopia

This family-owned exporter was founded in 2000 by Ethiopian nationals, and is located in the Jimma area of Oromia Regional State, committed to promoting the production of organic certified coffees. Besides coffee, the company also produces organic honey ,cinnamon and Korarima- indigenous spice.
An exporter that likes to apply and invest in new technologies in its facilities always has a balance with the environment.

At the moment Limmu Kossa  had: 

- Developed 356 hectares of coffee plantation using elite coffee varieties recommended by the National Coffee Research Center,

- Established its coffee plantation in an exemplary agro forestry system making use as shade of the indigenous forest tree species, like cordiaba Africana, Albizia lebbeck, Milletia ferruginea, etc.,

- Established a modern Bee production unit using more than 107 Modern beehives.

- Installed two fully equipped modern and environmentally compatible wet coffee processing factories with Aggard pre-Grading machines, and has a fully equipped modern wet & dry coffee processing factory.

- Certified on Organic +UTZ + Rain forest alliance that is 100% organic coffee.


The coffee growing region of Jimma has 10 coffee growing districts where approximately 2.4 million inhabitants live and has a surface area of 15,568 km². Jimma cultivates coffee of the Arabica variety of the Heirloom varietal and is the 4th largest coffee growing region in the country.


Crop year: 2022