Burundi Kiboko

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Notes Hazelnut, citrus, honey
Red Bourbon
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1700 m.
Producer Salum, Shembati washing station
Origin Mbirizi, Kayanza
About the coffee

In this country, where 55% of the Burundian working population lives on coffee production and where 95% of the industry is managed by just 2 players, we decided to opt for a different sourcing method.
We have chosen to work with Salum, who is the only independent producer in the country.
An entrepreneur, coffee enthusiast, and manager of a well-oiled transport company, he owns his own farm and 4 washing stations. His high-quality work has confirmed that we made the right choice.

Our Kiboko comes from the Kayanza region and it is now 100% traceable, because this year Salum began producing it at his Shembati washing station. This means we get a higher quality coffee at the same price as well as more even roasting. A wonderful way of supporting an independent producer!



The Kayanza region, in northern Burundi, borders Rwanda. It is a mountainous area that often reaches an altitude of 2,000 metres. Known also for its tea production, it is here that our partner Salum owns a farm and four washing stations.


Crop: 2020/21

SCA rating: 86+