Colombia Caldas Decaf

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Almond, apricot, vanilla and clove

Beans Caturra, Castillo & Colombia
Process Sugar cane decaf
Growing altitude 1700-1900 m.
Producer Different Producers
Origin Caldas
About the coffee

The coffee used for decaffeination is a mixture of several coffees from the region of Caldas selected to guarantee a balanced cup that are sent to the only decaffeination plant that there is in Latin America and is located in Manizales, 20 km from our threshing plant, which helps us to add a few kilometers to the industrial process of coffee and adding value to the country of origin.

Harvesting and fermentation

The process is done through Ethyl Acetate. It is a natural element that comes from the Sugar Cane (plant from which sucrose is extracted for sugar and very present in Colombia). Ethyl Acetate is a selective solvent that is present in nature and serves to trap caffeine when green coffee is soaked in it. With this process more than 97% of the caffeine is extracted. The residual of Ethyl Acetate is less than 30 PPM ( Ex: equivalent to the present in 2 bananas). The residual taste is very characteristic, being especially sweet.

Colombia Caldas