Costa Rica Los Santos

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Notes Apricot, green apple, honey. Very floral and sweet.
Beans Red Catuai, Red Caturra
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1400-1700 m.
Producer Los Santos (various villages)
Origin San Ignacio de Acosta, Tarrazu


About the coffee

This coffee is made from cherries grown at several farms located in the Tarrazu region, internationally renowned for its quality coffee. The unique characteristics of the region's climate are felt even in the cup, since this coffee has a perfect and typical Tarrazu profile, in other words a short medium acidity with vanilla notes.
Lots of the villages in the San Ignacio de Acosta terroir have names beginning with "San", which means "Saint" in English. The same applies even to the capital, "San Jose". It is why we wanted to include it in the name we gave this delicious coffee.

About the terroir

The San Ignacio de Acosta region is well known for producing high-quality coffees. In the middle of the 19th century, the inhabitants of the Central Valley migrated to the south of the country, known today as Los Santos. The region has 220 km² of land cultivated by farms with an average surface area of 2.5 hectares. 95% of the coffee produced in the region is classified as SHB.

The quite unique Los Santos climate is characterised by periods of 7 months of rain (May to November) followed by 5 months of dry weather (December to April). The flowering period extends from November to March. Harvesting and drying take place in the dry season.