Costa Rica Tico

Costa Rica Tico

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Peach, grape, milk chocolate

Beans Various
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1300-1600m
Producer Tico
Origin Naranjo, Vallée Centrale 
About the coffee
Tico selection has always come from the West valley in Costa Rica. Throughout the years, we have worked with a local exporter to provide an even better quality and increase our social impact in the area. This has resulted in a coffee with a better traceability, at a fair price for the Country. The concept of the project is to source consistent volume of traceable, quality differentiated coffee whilst supporting a small and specific community in Naranjo. The farms producing our TICO are part of an environmental project called NAMA, which aim is to reduce greenhouse gas.

The NAMA Support Project (NSP)

The overarching goal of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Café de Costa Rica is to produce and process coffee in Costa Rica in a low-emission, sustainable fashion. With a total funding of US$ 10 million, the NAMA Café aims to reduce GHG emissions and improve resource use efficiency at the level of both coffee plantations and coffee mills. These actions will create the first low-emission coffee worldwide and give Costa Rican coffee producers access to new markets. In practice , what does it means? Well, that there is a fund allocated to producers and mill owners to enable technical and feasibility studies, financial assistance, capacity building measures, and other awareness-raising activities (for ex. it can be a training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and improved resource management on coffee farms, the financing of compost turners… and so on).

The producers get help from agronomists from Coopro Naranjo in order to control the maturation levels and determine the ideal point of harvest based on brix measurement. The coffee is pulped and washed using advanced Penagos equipment to ensure consistent and efficient processing. Everything is done in order to produce a beautiful clean cup from the producer, to the Coop and to you.


The terroir of Naranjo

Aratoca is a terroir located in the Santander region in the north of Colombia. This area is one of the new coffee producing areas, it was known to have launched a revolution in the 18th century to free itself from Spanish colonialism.

Crop: 20/21

SCA rating: 86