Filter Coffee Combo

Filter Coffee Combo

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We made it easy and time saving for you. Here is a collection of magnificent filter coffees we're offering this season.  The combo contains 4 bags of our current favourite coffee beans roasted for filter. Make sure to try our brew guides here.


Ethiopia, Wolichu Wachu, washed, jasmin, violets and peach, honey sweetness and silky body

Kenya, Kamwangi AA, washed, rhubarb and blood orange, very sweet

Costa Rica, Los Santos, washed, apricot, green apple, honey, floral and sweet

Rwanda Dukunde Kawa, washed, red fruits, pear and black tea layers


  • 4 x 250g of whole beans of coffee we recommend for filter
  • Light to medium roast profile
  • Every month the coffees in the combo will change
  • Save up to 10% with this deal
  • This offer additionally has free shipping in Spain and Portugal