Guatemala Yogurt Parfait

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SCA: 86.5
Grapefruit, Yogurt, Strawberry, Almond
Beans Cattura
Process Natural
Growing altitude 1550m
Producer Fernando Cofiño/ Retana farm
Origin Antigua, Guatemala


Finca Retana was started by an order of friars and took its name from their leader, Father Retana. Fernando Cofiño's grandfather bought this farm in 1932, during the recession. Things have changed since then: they used to produce rapadura (a Guatemalan candy), milk cattle and corn were the most important crops. Today farm produces macadamia nuts, and, most importantly, coffee, that is the core of production.

Finca Retana is 1550m above sea level, located in an urban area. Around 20 families live inside, where they have electricity & drinkable water. Each permanent employee can also sow and work 3.46 acres for their own use. There is a school where children from the farm and the neighboring village attend.

Retana currently is about 125 hectares of land planted with two varieties (yellow bourbon and Caturra). Workers dry coffee in ladrillos, patios, as the soil below and the dry climate are helping them in doing that. At the end of the harvest, they can produce around 1500 bags of green coffee every year. With such innovations as a worm farm to convert coffee pulp to organic fertilizer and replanting of native trees, Fernando continues to pursue excellence in cultivation, processing, and social responsibility.



Antigua, Guatemala, is considered by many coffee experts as the world's best coffee growing region: these beans are grown in the perfect climate, dominated by light rains from the Pacific, on the exceptionally mineral-rich soild slopes of the Acatenango and still-active Fuego volcanos. Most trees are planted in the ashes of the major 1932 eruption of the Fuego volcano. This is a coffee terroir that imparts a unique taste to the coffee. 

Crop year: 2021/22