Indonesia Tenang Uken

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Notes Orange, lemon grass, floral with brown sugar body
Beans Tim Tim, Gayo 1
Process Honey
Growing altitude 1350 - 1600 m.
Producer Radian & Aulia, Tenang Uken farm
Origin Bukit Sama, Pantan Jerik, Aceh Tengah

About the coffee

Located near Tingkem in the Regency of Bener Meriah, the farmer group in the village of Bukit Sama compromises of 176 farmers spread over 143 ha who grow their coffee in the rich and fertile volcanic loam soils which are comprised of a mixture of sand, silt and clay.

This soil type combined with the climate allow for the perfect growing conditions of coffee giving the rich
and full bodied, spicy and smokey coffees associated with the region. The Mandheling coffee represent all Arabica coffee in this area and the name derives from the Mandailing people who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region.

The members of the group receive training on tree management looking at the application of pesticides, pruning and picking ripe cherries to assure the best quality possible.

These coffees are a new project started by Radian and Aulia Kahfi working with these farmers to start experimenting with new processes away from the traditional wet hulled. Aulia has been supported by Radian with some pre financing to buy cherry from the farmers and then begin to process it in different ways. They have constructed a green house especially for this as the climate can be very challenging in this region for producing honey, natural and washed coffees.

Aulia receives the cherry from the farmers where he then does a second picking to remove immatures from here he then washes, floats and cleans the cherry. The coffee is then pulped leaving as much mucilage on as possible before laying it on raised beds or on taurpaulin on the patio in thin layers to dry for around 10 - 15 days weather depending.

Crop: 2021

SCA points: 86+