Kenya Muruguru

Kenya Muruguru

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Notes Jasmine, caramel, lime. With a bright citric acidity.
Beans SL28, SL34 
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1750-1800 m.
Producer James Nederitu Gachichi, Maana Estate
Origin Nyeri county

About the coffee

This microlot has a nice Kenyan profile with a strong and bright citric acidity, completed by complex floral and vegatal (rhubarb) notes. Grown in volcanic and tropical inviroment. 



James Nederitu Gachichi started coffee farming in his early twenties working together with his father in the 1980s. He was the only child interested in farming and processing coffee in his family which led his father to put him in charge of the coffee farm once he became a professional. To date James still farms coffee and has the ambition to plant more coffee trees in his farm. During his free time, James plays the accordion and always ensures he entertains his guests each time they visit with lovely tunes.

James is an energic man, who lived on this farm of Maana since many years. He grows coffee with care, always willing to improve quality of his crops. He built in the middle of these plots a house for his family, his wife and his 4 children. He has been a grandfather since and regularly receives his grandchildren who come from Nairobi to spend the weekend here and discover coffee growing with James. He welcomes his family and visitors with joy and entertains them with his accordion tunes!


Maana Estate

James Nederitu Gachichi's farm covers 30 hectares, near Nyeri, 150 km north of Nairobi. 10 hectares are here devoted to coffee. The other plots are home to different crops, bananas, mangoes and even corn. James owns this farm from his father who started coffee growing here many years ago. The decline in coffee prices in Kenya had led James to reduce this activity for a while. He has been returning to it with enthusiasm for some time by increasing the areas planted on his farm in Maana.


Crop: 2020

SCA rating: 89