El Salvador Volcanic Affair

El Salvador Volcanic Affair

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SCA rating: 85.50
Notes Prunes, Hazelnut cream, Dark chocolate, Caramel
Beans Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra
Process Airmechanical Natural
Growing altitude 1.100-1.200 m.
Producer Andres Salaverria/San Francisco Farm
Origin Apaneca-Ilamatepec, El Salvador



Andrés Salaverría has had a passion for coffee growing since he was a child, his family has been dedicated to coffee growing for more than 100 years. Andrés is the fifth generation and has been dedicated to coffee growing for 11 years old. Andres remembers how he enjoyed accompanying his father to the El Molino mill every night to see how the Coffee cherries arrived to be unloaded from the day’s harvests from different Farms. He loved getting on the trucks and jumping on the piles of grapes, since then his interest has been growing. 

After graduating from university, he completed the Ernesto Illy Master’s degree in science and coffee economics, which was enriching for Andres and thus managed to form a clearer idea of what is behind the entire coffee production chain, as well as learning from different coffee producing colleagues from other parts of the world. In 2011 Andres returned to El Salvador after his preparation and then focused on the commercial,industrial and administrative part of the coffee farms

One of the Salaverría family's most essential farms is the San Francisco farm, which is not only home to a coffee-producing region, but also a natural forest reserve. This reserve was donated to the National Forestry Association of El Salvador to preserve a beautiful habitat for many exotic species of plants and animals. The San Francisco farm is located near the town of La Majadac in the district of Juayúa. Its rich volcanic soils make it an ideal place for growing coffee. At the Farm San Francisco Coffee is 100% shade-grown. Harvesting activities are carried out through selective manual harvesting, which consists of picking fully ripe cherries. Social and environmental activities play an important role in the daily activities of the farm and for the family business, which always seeks to supply the surrounding communities with health services and infrastructure for educational activities.


The Apaneca mountain range is a volcanic mountain range locatedin the west of El Salvador, this mountain range is composed of volcanoes, including the IIamatepec volcano, one of the most active in the region.
Apaneca – Ilamatepec occupies the 1st place as the country’s coffee growing region with a production of 53% of the country’s total production.

Crop year: 2023