Cocóra is a company with its own roasting style developed through knowledge and education from the most skilled people in specialty coffee industry like Joanna Alm (Drop Coffee Roasters) in Stockholm, Sandra Azevedo (SCA trainer, Academia do Café) in Lisbon and Scott Rao (coffee expert and author, USA).

Having learned from the best and adding our own personal touch, we have developed a roasting style that has been recognised on cupping tables around Europe, as well as multiple national competitions like 2nd place in SCA Spain Brewer’s Cup and 3rd place in Spain Roasters Champ.

Since the very beginning in 2017 our company focused and invested the most in professional education and top class equipment to provide locally something that is unique and has the right to exist, an excellent product that we all love - COFFEE ☕
By approaching everything with attention, responsibility and professionalism - Cocóra in addition to coffee production is successfully developing in multiple areas like educational programs by AST (Authorised SCA trainer), online store, consulting for coffee shops etc.

We offer quality and consistency to all our customers and wholesale partners. You can be sure that all the beans selected by us seasonally are 100% traceable, superior quality according to high SCA standards and are taken care of in the most possible sustainable way. Our roasting approach allows to open full potential of coffee beans by carefully creating individual roasting profile for each coffee.  

The best words to describe us are: dedication, sustainability, responsibility and kindness 💛