Kenya Cinnamon Woods

Kenya Cinnamon Woods

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SCA rating: 86 +
Notes Red plum, Dark chocolate, Spicy and Woody
Beans Ruiru 11, SL 28, and SL 34
Process Traditional Washed
Growing altitude 2,003 m.
Producer James Kariuki, Fram farm
Origin Kiambu region, Kenya



James Kariuku is the Producer of the Farm which is located in the coffee growing region of Kenya, specifically in the Gitwe coffee district. The Farm is located in southwestern Kenya, and has been cultivating coffee since 1958. The soils are red clay mineral soils that provide very favorable conditions for the development of coffee cherries. James Kariuku is a leading producer in the coffee belt of Kibugu (Embu County), where his mastery of coffee and his knowledge have positioned him. With the proceeds of his hard, hard work, he has purchased several parcels of land and continues to expand his farms. They say that the secret of their success is that they carefully follow the processes of their coffees, from the choice of the varietal, the area where it is planted, the development, harvesting and the processes that follow, James is a coffee expert who is committed to investing and improving crop after crop.



The coffee region of Kiambu has 7 coffee growing districts,(these districts are home to more than 50,150 families that cultivate approximately 18,827 hectares of Arabica coffee of the SL28, SL34, Batian and Ruiru11 varietals),and ranks 1st as the country’s coffee-growing region with a production of 32.06% of the country’s total production.

Kenya’s climate contributes to the successful cultivation of great coffees with summer temperatures never hotter than summer in Europe and never cooler than the perfect European spring, along with a perfect temperature, rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. These climatic conditions are ideal for coffee plants to thrive. 

Crop year: 2022/23