Colombia Sunset Chocolate

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SCA rating: 84 +
Notes Orange, Milk chocolate, Cane sugar
Beans Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process Washed
Growing altitude 1400-1750 m.
Producer Huila farmers Cooperative

Huila, Colombia



Colombia Sunset Chocolate coffee is produced by a cooperative in the coffee growing region of Huila, a project of more than 3,000 coffee growing families in the center of Huila. The coffee beans are carefully selected by young people, children of coffee growers who have been trained to complement their knowledge inherited from years of family experience in the world of coffee growing.


Coffee from Colombia, Huila is known for its rich, mild flavour which is a result of the perfect climate and beans that are grown. Colombia is one of the few countries that only grows Arabica beans, which besides climate and elevation, is why Colombian coffee is considered higher quality.

Huila occupies the 1st place as a coffee growing region in the country. This state is not only known for the quantity of coffee it produces, but also for the amazing quality of the coffees.  Farmers regularly produce Cup of Excellence-winning lots, the gold standard for coffee beans, and many roasters, baristas, and café owners will tell you that Huila is one of their favourite coffee origins

Crop year: 2022