Ethiopia Deep Sweetness

Ethiopia Deep Sweetness

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SCA rating: 86.25
Notes Apricot, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Brown Caramel
Beans Heirloom
Process Traditional Washed, Organic
Growing altitude 1800-2200m 
Producer Dukamo family, Gatta farm
Origin Sidama, Ethiopia 

The story of Dukamo family began with two coffee producing brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo. The brothers helped their parents and neighbors with the cultivation of coffee and were determined to work in coffee growing to show the potential of their country’s and region’s coffees. Today, after more than 15 years, they have developed a company that is still family-owned and occupies a very important place in the production, harvesting and export of Sidama coffee.

Daye Bensa’s Gatta Farm is at the heart of Shantawene Village, in Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia. It sits at an altitude of 2120 – 2210m in the midst of a natural forest. The site is surrounded by indigenous trees, which are older than 100 years, waterfalls, and rivers. One of the rivers separates Shantawene from Bombe and runs from the hills above Keramo. Gatta Farm has been named after a waterfall which crosses the farm. 

Gatta Farm was a natural forest before being discovered by the cofounder Mulugeta Dukamo while managing the construction of Gafisse Station. They planted the first coffee in 2013, and established the drying station in 2017. The vegetation and forest surrounding the farm is useful as natural shade for the farm and the drying station.



The coffee growing region of Sidama has 19 coffee growing districts, and ranks 1st as the country’s coffee-growing region with a production of 22.05% of the country’s total production.

The temperature here is cooler than in other parts of Ethiopia that's why ripening process is carried out more slowly, resulting in a sweet flavour and an acidic, fruity fragrance.The long ripening process helps these cherries adapt to the various fragrances, quality, and characteristics, which are the most special aspects of Sidama coffee.


Crop year: 2023